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Some Common Spring Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid

163x600feattopmodeltocmail-copySpring is here and so are the latest fashion trends. We all know about the bright colors that have overtaken the market. Several people are trying to adopt these new fashion trends in order to look good. However, you would be surprised at the number of mistakes you can make with spring dresses. While these do seem to be simple and easy to wear, you can still go wrong and look awkward. This is why you should always consider a few things before deciding on your spring wardrobe. You should particularly avoid a few major mistakes. Here are some of these.

This spring is all about bright colors. However, some people make a major mistake and overdo this trend. Remember that going for bright colors does not mean that you should pair these up. Ideally, you should always pair up a bright color with a neutral one like black or white. Wearing a dress totally made up of vibrant colors will simply make you look awkward. Therefore, make sure that you wear balanced combinations instead of the ones that look unpleasantly bright.

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Dressing Retro

budget-2013-industry-status-and-regulatory-bill-for-the-real-estate-marketHistory repeats itself. It is the biggest maxim in life. It is true for clothing trends and fashion as well. Fashion always draws inspiration from a style from the past to create something new. When you choose a retro style you are opting for a style which is uniquely you as a retro dress is not available in a chain store. It announces itself as “limited edition”. You can choose a retro piece which compliments current fashion trend or you can choose one which go against the in-style. Either way you will be the cynosure. It is the best way to walk apart.

Fashion is a living form of art, which actively takes part in the social dialogues. A person can represent an era, play a role or embody a story based on what he or she chooses to wear. Some people go for retro dressing for their nostalgic value. Wearing retro clothes is an intimate way to experience the style and culture of another era. It also helps one to relate to a long ago time, may be of their forefathers and also to recreate that period in the past. It also has an association of appreciating grace and beauty of those bygone times. There is also humor in giving retro style a try.

Retro style is all about finding the right style for you. And if you have decided to go for a retro look, you have countless choices at your disposal; you have the whole era of fashion before you to choose from. There are classic styles which are always reining queens of fashion no matter what the current trend is.

You can also create a unique style by mixing clothing from two different periods to create that special look. Not only clothing, you can also look at accessories to compliment your style and looks.

Retro style is a source of inspiration.
Retro clothing is usually associated with thrift shops and recycled cloths where you browse for a style and size which suits you. Many vintage items are collectibles and are thus expensive for ordinary people. The reasons being they become harder and harder to find and with time they become more valuable as they grow older.

But retro dressing need not be sourced from expensive vintage collections. There are boutiques now which specialize in the retro inspired designs with details of vintage. There are umpteen choices. You can get dresses modeled on 30′s, 40′s or 50′s. You can get a dressy one for a glamour event or get a casual one. Your retro dressing need not look like a costume. You can adapt a retro design to your contemporary style which compliments you. You can even find retro inspired t-shirts.

So get inspired to bring out the unique you. Take a step away from the ordinary.

Types of Fashion and Clothing

stylelaviePeople use clothing and fashion to help identify with a certain social group, communicate, show status, or a means of self-expression. Many people rely on the chosen style of clothing to help give an extension of their personalities. Fashion is certain to vary in regards to social group, occupation, status, age, region, country, religion, culture and similar other factors. A preferred style of fashion is certain to relate to form and function, as well as personality and social needs. Fashionable clothing is certain to fall into a variety of classifications and categories, including:

High Fashion

High fashion (also referred to as Haute Couture) is the more exclusive and custom-made outfits created by the top fashion designers and design houses. This style of clothing is made to the match the specific client in relation to body type, taste, color and measurements. Many of the materials are carefully sourced to help provide the more unique and distinctive finish. High fashion clothing is of course expensive and this limits its availability in the fashion world.


The ready-to-wear clothing line (also call prêt-a-porter and off-the-rack) is the more standardized clothing which is pre-made and available in a variety of sizes to match a specific person. Ready-to-wear clothing isn’t able to give the precise fit offered by the custom-make range. They are sold in standard sizes to fit the majority of the shopping public. Petite-size and plus-size outfits are also available in this range, but there is certain to be less choice offered compared to the standard sizes. A selection of high-end off the rack fashion outfits are offered by some of the finer fashion houses to make the well-known fashion brands more accessible to the wide marketplace. The clothing in the ready-to-wear line is manufactured in less expensive fabrics compared to what is likely to be seen with the bespoke clothes.

Mass-market fashion

Mass-market is a clothing line that is cheaply and quickly produced in high volume in the more standard sizes using large manufacturing facilities. Mass-market clothing is often known by the term disposable fashion since it is often seasonal in nature and manufactured in the cheapest materials available. This range is the most readily available fashion choice and offered at the most affordable end of the market.

All in all, by investing in the right type of fashion clothing to match the lifestyle and personality, it shouldn’t be difficult to buy the preferred outfit to match the specific casual or formal occasion.